Landlord and Tenant COMMERCIAL or RESIDENTIAL, problems can always be fixed, no matter whose fault it is.  ARE YOU:

-Wanting to Evict a Tenant?

-A Tenant violating the Lease?

-A Tenant bothering other Tenants?

-A Tenant not paying rent?  Or not paying on Time?

-Your want to change or update the Lease?

-The Government has too many rules for your property?

-Your bank might foreclose on your property?

-You want to sell your property but you have Tenants?

-You want to buy a property that already has Tenants?

-Your Tenant is taking you to Court or threatening a Lawsuit?

CORONA VIRUS problems that are costing you and your Tenants money?

-Screening new Tenants?

-Problems with repairmen or contractors working on your property?

-Problems with your Property Manager?

-Bankruptcy, Divorce, or Death of someone involved with your property?


Your situation needs to be thoroughly understood before it can be fixed.  There are very few simple cases.  We first thoroughly understand the facts and goals.

How did we get into this situation (no matter whose fault)?

Where do you want to go?

-What are all of the possible ways we can get there?

-And what will YOUR FUTURE look like after the problem is fixed?

The people of any law office really make the difference.  We believe that you are our most important client and we will make sure you feel that way, too.  It is YOUR case and YOUR life.  We do not forget that and we will be with you every step until you are satisfied with your results.

We want a relationship with you, not just a case.

People come to lawyers for the best advice possible, so they can take the next step.  Either alone or with a partner.  We communicate our ideas, strategies, and approaches to your case so that you can make the most informed decision.

All we do is Real Estate Law and Real Estate problem solving.  And we love this work.  We have over 20 years experience with many areas of law, and now we use it all to focus on Real Estate problem solving.  There are so many ways to approach an issue and we are always trying to innovate with new ideas based on changes in technology, the market, the Law, the rules, and changes in your life and business.  This is our goal every single day.

We hope you use our website for information, ideas, and motivation to tackle your problem.  The issues are often more complicated than they seem at first.  Issues of deadlines, Family Law, Bankruptcy, Probate Law, Contract Law, Litigation or Arbitration, Financial rules, Immigration, Government, and so many others can affect Real Estate.  With us, you have come to the right place to get moving to your goals.

Please do not wait to get started because problems do not fix themselves.  Lets talk soon.  Take the next step.