– Are you a Tenant looking for space to grow your business?

– Are you a Landlord negotiating with a future or current Tenant?

– Do you want to get out of your Lease?

– Has the Landlord, or Tenant, or Both violated the Lease?

– Are you a Sub-Tenant with any of these problems?

– Did you forget about the Bank’s rights?  The lender usually has rights and always has lawyers.

– Is the local Government or local Laws preventing you from using your property to its best?

– Are there terms in your Lease that you don’t understand?  Have you checked your Lease recently?

– Are you planning to Buy Commercial Property?  To Sell it?  Lease it?  To expand it?

– Is the CORONA VIRUS causing you new problems?  Or making past problems worse?  Do you know all of your rights?

– Do you have any legal leverage in your negotiations?  How can you increase your leverage to get the best deal?

LEASING for business property is complicated.  A commercial lease can sometimes be 100 pages or more.  And every word is in there for a very specific reason.

Lease NEGOTIATION always involves leverage.  Using your advantages, and using the other sides disadvantages, to get the best deal you can.  And then making sure the contracts contain all of the benefits you negotiated for.  If you do not have leverage, how can you get it and use it in the negotiation.

Later, PROBLEMS will come up.  Are you sure you understand the Lease’s legal terms?  And you should know that most of the lease is legal terms that have legal meaning, legal enforceability, and legal consequences.  There was probably at least one lawyer involved in drafting it.

Owners, Tenants, Subtenants, Banks, Governments, Insurance companies, construction firms, customers, utility companies, Maintenance and Property Management companies, and others will be affected by the Lease terms.  Be sure you plan for everything.

Since you are in business, you understand that businesses have professional help to get the best deal possible.   Learn all of your rights and options.  Understand them.  Use them.

All we do is Real Estate problem solving.   You already know real estate.  We do too, but we also understand how Bankruptcy law, Family law, Government law, Contract law, Court litigation, Arbitration, Finance, Construction Law, Landlord / Tenant law, and other state, local, and federal laws affect Real Estate issues.  We use these skills every day to tackle Real Estate problem solving.  Its all we do.

Talk to someone who can give you ideas.  And will first understand your problem, then make a  strategy with expert timing, leverage, planning, and a step-by-step roadmap to you where you want to go.

We want you to win.  We help clients win.  Its what we do.